Sunday, May 4, 2008

DeLorean Clock : Gallery of owners' updates

It has been almost a couple of months that I published the "The DeLorean clock, a modern update" blog post.

In that time I have been enjoying my clock on every ride that I take, as well as have corresponded with a few other owners in their upgrades as well.  As they've installed their now functioning clocks, the feedback from them has been very complimentary as to the work that was done by Dakota Digital, and the overal look after installed.  Here are a few pictures and feedback that I have received:

Bill S.
"I am a very happy camper to have such a nice looking clock that really works.  I was able to get the clock back into the "D" today and it looks fantastic. WOW. It was worth every penny they charged and more. The look is great and your instructions made the hook up childs play. I am delighted to have a working clock.  I actually like the no holes in the clock face look better than the original set up."

Jon in Spain.
"Installation was very easy."

Bruce in California
"It looks great. We did a car show this past weekend with our club and all were impressed with my new clock! Some thought it could never be done."

If you would like to replace your current non-working DeLorean clock, this seems to be a very good alternative. 
Check the link above for more details.
And if you do make the upgrade, zap me over a quick picture for this gallery. 


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