Sunday, March 2, 2008

And before I proceed further...

There was one only condition that I set, when I began my search for a weekend car, and it was imposed again, prior to purchasing our DeLorean. I asked my son Brian (a Senior in high school at the time), if he would help me to maintain it. I thought it would be fun to work with him on the car, while at the same time he could learn about basic car maintenance.

Of course he said yes and we proceeded to spend weekends either driving or working on the car. He did learn a lot and it was great father and son time we had together, until he left for college. When he comes down on breaks we always take the car out; one time I even drove the DeLorean to his college and we had a great time up there, catching up, and driving. Picture above is of Brian in the D, at his college.

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