Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tips on purchasing your DeLorean

If you've decided or are leaning towards purchasing a DeLorean, here are some quick tips.

As of this writing, some general selling prices are:
$10K or less: Generally a project car, probably not running, needs a lot of time and work.
$10K-$15K: Runs, may need some upgrade or maintenance to fuel/ac/cooling/brake/electrical  systems as well as body/interior work.
$15K-$20K: This will get you a running car, in decent condition but will need some work to get it in good looking condition and/or reliable.
$20K-$25K: A good looking car, well maintained, with a decent interior, probably just needs periodic maintenance.
$25K and over: Now your looking at some very well kept cars, possibly low miles and good interiors. At this range you may find some DMCH refurbished cars, with upgraded engine tweaks.

There is a general saying in the DeLorean community that $25K is what you'll need to spend to get a good looking reliable car. That's $25K as in the purchase price, or as in a $20K car, with $5K worth of work; or a $15K car with $10K worth of of work; and so on.

When you set up your budget, remember to consider additional costs to your purchase, such as:
Transportation costs
Upgrade/Fix up costs.

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...sheesh, and I still haven't even gotten to the pictures of fix ups. :)

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