Friday, March 7, 2008

DeLorean Rentals and the BTTF effect

Crew filming actor in 2109. I'll post the results of this, later.

Living in a year round fair weather climate, we get the opportunity to drive these cars year round, additionally, in S. Florida there is a car show every weekend. The reaction to cars shows are typically variations of:
“Wow. I’ve never seen one” or, enormously incorrect facts recited on the car and/or John DeLorean, or various BTTF references. “Where’s the flux capacitor?” No doubt, the car has a large following and high recognition factor, but what is surprising is the huge spread of ages of that awareness. Enthusiasts from late 30s and up know the car for its history, and in general remember the publicity and excitement when the car came out. Those in their 30’s and less, have the BTTF recognition factor. Ever since the DeLorean rolled off of Doc Brown’s van and from the three extremely popular BTTF movies, it gave the car a second life and whole different generation of interest.

Mostly through the DeLorean Club of Florida, we have been getting a lot of requests for D rentals lately. The origin of the requests varies from city events, to corporate events, and from individuals (for birthdays). All of them have to do with either a BTTF related event, or driven by a BTTF interest. I believe that this is being drive by the second generation of DeLorean fans, the BTTF fans, that are now in influential positions (marketing, management, sales, etc., or can afford to splurge on DeLorean for an individual event).

If you are in Florida and you are looking for a DeLorean (BTTF them or not), please contact the DCF, note that they have a "Rentals & Appearances" menu. They can direct your regional interest to the nearby owners – Florida has many owners scattered throughout the state.

If you are interested in renting my car specifically, I am in the Broward area and could go up and down about two counties for a rental.  You can contact me at the email address on the "About Me" section on the upper left. (Thanks, in advance.)

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Wilson Hitchings said...

Just curious - when you rent your D for individuals (such as birthdays) - do you let the renter actually DRIVE your car?

Ozzie H. said...

Good question.

Letting someone else drive your D, for me, has been and is most likely the exception.

If you are going to consider this, the first thing to do is to check your current insurance coverage to see if that is even allowed (I believe on collector's auto insurance, it is not).

I have had only one request, and to even consider it, I drew up and forwaded a quick agreement to be signed and returned, that basically stated that a) proof of self coverage was required upfront for the driver, b) that I would ride in the passenger seat, c) that any damage incurred (self, others, property) as a result of the renter taking temporary possession of the car, would be 100% their responsibility, and d) stated the estimated replacement cost of the vehicle.

That usually scares away all but the truly serious - which is probably best.

Rent a DeLorean Time Machine Guy said...

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