Friday, March 7, 2008

“Where’s the Flux Capacitor?”

So many people ask this. From what I’ve read and hear this irks a few owners, especially the hard core. I typically laugh it off, and for about a year now, I just say: “Right back there.” (The reactions to that are pretty funny.)

There are at least two vendors that sell these, and they can get expensive, like over $500. I took another route. I found the unit you see pictured for about $125 on eBay, for the case and front panel only. The back of the front panel had an attempt at, or possibly at one time, working lights but it came with a rat’s nest of wires, many disconnected. With a soldering iron, a few trips to Radio Shack, and a chaser circuit found online, I was able to get the lights to work just like the prop from the movies (blinking sequentially, towards the center). Because of the low current draw it can run for quite a while on a 9V battery. It looks pretty neat at evening car shows, and draws its share of attention.

I started out putting it on for local car shows only (made it quick to remove/install), but I find myself driving with it on weekends as I forget, or don’t make the effort to, remove it.

Incidently, this is about as far as I'd go with my car, as far as bolting on any additional BTTF props, especially to the outside. I like my car very much as a Delorean, and enjoy it as such, in its current condition. Full BTTF conversions are a labor of love and/or a 5 figure investment for a well done one. There are some gorgeous ones out there, none that I aware of in Florida.

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